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Chair Massage

Having a community event? Having a party? At the office and need a quick neck massage? Our chair service is perfect for those "on the go" or those who aren't comfortable with our table services. Chair massages are great for events and parties. Chair massages in the work place assist in the increase of productivity for employees

Swedish Massage

 Our Swedish massage is for the people that need relaxation and/or a good system flush after a competition. We customize your service based on your specific needs. Designed specifically for those who are too sore or fragile for a deep tissue. 

Sports Massage/
Deep Tissue

Are you an athlete or just a gym buff? Do you work in a physically demanding field? An incorporation of stretching techniques ad movements. Sports/Deep Tissue massage focuses on the muscle groups being used during strenuous activities. Can be performed before, during and after sports events. Sports/Deep Tissue massage is also great for opening the body's various muscle groups that can become trapped during exercise.

Pregnancy Massage

Expecting a bundle of joy? Need relief from the pains of carrying a tiny human? Pregnancy massage is an excellent assistant to the physical pressures of pregnancy. Can be performed at any stage of pregnancy up until 4 weeks pre-delivery with post pregnancy massages starting as early as 6 weeks post delivery. Your body and tiny human will thank you.

Do you experience swelling also known as lymphedema? Recently had a surgery? Just got over an illness or infection? A series of lymphatic drainage massages can assist in getting your body back into a healthy state. While lymphatic drainage can be performed over the entire body, it can be more effective when the affected area is focused on.

Lymphatic Drainage

If you need to reduce your stress levels, improve your circulation, cleanse your body, or need some energy, reflexology may be what you need. 

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